Dengue can result in blindness, says study

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Dengue can result in blindness, says study

Posted: 08/22/2015 05:06 PM IST
Dengue can result in blindness, says study

(Image source from: Dengue can result in blindness)

A new study has revealed that dengue can result in congestion in the eyes and in rare cases it results in blindness. The findings are published is in a medical journal 'Survey of Ophthalmology'.

"Eye infections in dengue patients are a known complication and are sometimes an initial symptom. We recently had a patient who lost his vision due to the infection. His eyes were swollen and tests showed he was bleeding internally. We managed to save him but could not help him get his sight back," said Dr Bhavana Chawla, additional professor of ophthalmology at AIIMS.

The study states that the time of onset of ocular symptoms can range between two days, but in most cases, patients suffer from damage to the eyes when their platelet count drops severely.

“There is no known effective treatment for damaged retina. Active surveillance and steroid therapy are the main treatment modalities used. In some cases, the doctors have also experimented with immunosuppressive therapy to hasten clinical recovery,” the journal states. Also early detection and access to proper medical care can lowers fatality rates below 1%.

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