How To Quit Smoking

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How To Quit Smoking

Posted: 06/18/2016 06:25 PM IST
How To Quit Smoking

Are you addicted to smoking? But want to quit...Here are some tips how you can quit smoking.

1. Set a Quit Date: Pick a day that’s about two to three weeks away. This gives you time to prepare for your quit. It can be a special day like your birthday, your anniversary, or just the first day of the month. Taking time to get prepared is helpful for most people, but if you feel like you’re truly ready to quit, do it today.

2. Don’t Quit Alone. Many people keep their quit a secret to save themselves from the embarrassment of a failed quit attempt. Get the support of someone you can count on, and maybe even tell them you might not succeed. Their support will make a world of difference when you’re feeling alone in your quit attempt.

3. Identify Your Triggers: Do you smoke when you drink Coffee or driving or while talking on the phone. It can be any thing which takes you directly to smoke. Eventually, these activities become triggers that make you want to smoke. Before your quit day, figure out how you’ll deal with each of these triggers especially stress  without reaching for a cigarette.

4. Change the place and time you smoke: As you near your quit day and you know what your triggers are, change the times of day that you smoke, and where you might smoke your cigarettes. Other small changes you could make are throwing away your lighter and using only matches, holding your cigarette in a different hand, and changing your brand anything to break up your routine.

5. Just Do It: Whether you quit today or two weeks from now. Whether you use medication or muscle through a quit attempt without it... whether you quit with loads of support or quietly on your own, commit to it! 100 percent! Own it, celebrate it, it’s your decision! It will be hard, there will be ups and down, easy days and hard days, but every single ex-smoker will tell you it is worth it.

With these simple steps you can quit smoking and lead a life of happiness.

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By M. Divya Shri

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