Peppermint tea can boost your memory

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Peppermint tea can boost your memory

Posted: 05/03/2016 05:14 PM IST
Peppermint tea can boost your memory

The refreshing scent of peppermint may be just what you need to perk up your mind, a study reveals. A study by Dr Mark Moss, Robert Jones and Lucy Moss of Northumbria University who have presented their research at the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference in Nottingham, noted.

180 participants were randomly allocated a drink of peppermint tea, chamomile tea or hot water. Before they consumed their drink, they completed questionnaires relating to their mood.

After a twenty minutes of rest the participants completed tests, that assessed their memory and a range of other cognitive functions. After the tests, participants completed another mood questionnaire.

The results showed that peppermint tea has significantly improved long term memory, working memory and alertness, when compared to both chamomile and hot water. Chamomile tea has significantly slowed memory and attention speed.

“It is interesting to see the contrasting effects that different herbs can have on both mood and memory and our research suggests that they could have beneficial effects, particularly in older age groups,” Moss said in a statement. “If you were otherwise healthy, then this research suggests that there is an opportunity to have an improved memory.”

“The enhancing and arousing effects of peppermint and the calming/sedative effects of chamomile observed in this study are in keeping with the claimed properties of these herbs and suggest beneficial effects can be drawn from their use,” said Dr Mark Moss.

By Premji

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