10 Things to Carry in Your Handbag

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10 Things to Carry in Your Handbag

Posted: 07/16/2016 01:19 PM IST
10 Things to Carry in Your Handbag

Everyone say that a women’s Handbag is a mystery box. It’s full of things which she need and which she don’t need. These are 10 things which every woman should carry in her handbag while travelling.

1. Earphones

When you are travelling or when you are too stressed and need to relax, earphones will help you. You can listen to music or watch a movie.

2. Tissues

Don’t let that runny nose get away from you. Clean up any mess with a travel size tissue. Whether you’re sneezing, crying, or applying lipstick.

3. Mirror

A small mirror at hand will help you if you want to apply lipstick while travelling. The mirror also helps if you want to check if your face is oily or fresh before going out to meet someone.

4. Mouth Freshener

Mouth Freshener
You cannot smell when you are going to meet something. Always carry mouth freshener. You don’t want opposite person to say that your mouth smells.

5. Money

Always carry cash in your wallet. You cannot end up searching for ATM if you jumped Red signel and Traffic cop wants’s you to pay fine.

6. Mobile

Mobile is one thing everyone carries. For any emergency or to find routes or to call anyone you have to have your phone by your side.

7. Pen and a notepad

Pen and a notepad
Suppose you have write down some number which you saw in an advertisement while travelling. A pen and a notepad will come to your rescue. Always have these two in your bag.

8. Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories
A comb, a hair band and a clip these are necessary. If you feel like tying your hair or you are going for the interview then you can just go to the washroom and comb your hair.

9. Lipgloss or Lipstick

Lipgloss or Lipstick
You definitely don’t want to look ugly on your first date or if you are going out to some wedding. Last minute touch up is needed. So always carry a lipgloss or lipstick in your bag.

10. ID proof

ID proof
Always carry all your ID proofs, credit cards, business cards etc with you. This will help you in any emergencies.

By M. Divya Shri

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