Reasons why women fall for men

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Reasons why women fall for men

Posted: 04/07/2015 06:47 PM IST
Reasons why women fall for men

You may have perfect reason to like your guy. It may be because of seriously huge heart or his awesome sense of adventure or a whip-smart art. But there could be some situations where girls fall in love for some weird reasons which could be:

You Met him in a High-Pressure Situation: Yes, this might be the reason which is most commonly shown in films. If a guy helps you when you are in deeply depressed situation, then you may get easily attracted to his kind heart.

You've Been Feeling Really Freaking Single Lately: Research by the University of Toronto found that when we're down on our love lives, our standards take a nose dive. Yes, this situation happens in most of eth cases. If you feel frustrated and boredom of your bachelorship, then you may easily fall for some guy thinking that being in relationship is definitely better than staying single.

He Looks Like Your Dad: If you find any guy who holds similar qualities as your father, then you may get attracted to him. Even the scientists reveled this, but this doesn’t mean that you are attracted to your dad. Researchers speculated that it had to do with feelings of familiarity and comfort.

He Has a Dog: Don't underestimate the power of man's best friend. Multiple studies show that men with canine companions are perceived as more attractive when compared to others.

He's the Male Version of You: definitely opposite poles get attracted, we know but when it comes to qualities, this may not be always true. Several studies over the years have shown that the more alike you are, the stronger the attraction. From having the same sense of humor to looking similar, all the stuff you have in common could cancel out his more unsavory qualities.

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