8 Things happen during love making, but are least bothered

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8 Things happen during love making, but are least bothered

Posted: 04/15/2016 07:34 PM IST
8 Things happen during love making, but are least bothered

There are few things which actually appear weird, unattractive, but we still do not concern them much and move on. Here are such few things. Check out whether you came across it or not.

1. Queef

Queefing is a weird thing that happens during the love making. Instead of bothering about it, make sure that you are having the right kind of sex.  Thrusting and changing positions can all lead to the dreaded queef, and those are two damn good things.

2. The wet spot.

After reaching the orgasm, the ways couple try to hide it under the blankets or trying to cover, pretending that it is not there, is something the couple is aware about, and even enjoys that hiding game inside.

3. Sex, a sport!

Knocking boots, knocking heads is one common thing that happens during the love making. Bruised knees, bumped teeth, strained hammies and several such naughty things are all the part of this universal sport.

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4. Changing positions

Most of the time, one among the couple would find tough to change position, but still do it reluctantly. The reason because, they are already  enjoying the enough pleasure in their current position itself.

5. Love lubrication

What is love making, without lubrication. It is something like driving the car, without petrol. Do not attempt to do it. Love lubrication, it will love you back giving enough satisfaction.

6. Dirty talk

You need not be expert in talking dirty during the intimacy, but still that little less dirty talk gives enough satisfaction. But the thing to be noted is,   the other side may not get the same satisfaction as you are getting with your dirty talk. Moreover, after getting the orgasm, dirty talk remembrance would give embarrassing feelings on one another.

7. Pee during the sex

Yes, few have this issue. If you have a sensitive bladder, you can notice it, when a penis enter your vagina. It is also possible, if you are having an extremely intense orgasm. So, instead of stopping the game in between and moving to wash room, most of them, pee on the bed. In those times, remember, love making in dirty place, is even more enjoyable.

8. Ex in mind

When the legal love making happens, at least for 6 months, ex-sex partners would be in the both minds. One cannot deny it at least with self.

By Phani Ch

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