Being Bhavana

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Being Bhavana

Posted: 08/28/2013 12:00 AM IST
Being Bhavana

Her transformation is like the fairytale Cinderella, where an ordinary girl transforms to a beautiful princess. Only here, the transformation did not end at midnight for Bhavana but went on till she became a much sought after actress in all the four Southern languages. Having debuted at 15, life has been a rollercoaster for the actor, who has managed to reach an even keel now. She is in the pink of health and matching that is her pink Anarkali outfit on her perfectly toned and trim figure at the location of Saji Surendran’s Angry Babies. The journey from ordinary to exotic has not been easy for Bhavana, as also the climb up the ladder of success.

Diplomacy is not for Bhavana and she is bold in her views about the industry and her journey so far. She said, “After debuting in Nammal, I was offered the second heroine and sister roles and for two years, was stuck doing that! No regrets as that phase was when I was 15-16. Moving to Tamil and Telugu got me lead roles, but again the journey has been a rollercoaster one with ups and downs. I am glad I experienced the downs because I have learnt to treasure the crests in my career!

Bhavana added, “The year 2004 I thought would spell the end of my career and I even told my parents I wanted to pursue my studies.” But cinema, being unpredictable, 2005 saw an upswing in her career and she has not looked back since. Very philosophically, Bhavana opined, “Right now, I am not going up nor am I down; I am on a medium level which I feel is the best.” Careerwise, Bhavana is seeing a definite upswing, but being beautiful, successful and single has spawned a slew of linkups and marriage plans.

While she agrees that linkups and rumours are a part of being a celebrity she jests that none of the men she has been linked with are people she has any special feelings for. But she said, “What is written in the media is something I take in the right spirit, but what angers me is the baseless rumours spread by my competitors.”

What about her marriage plans that was the hottest gossip recently? Bhavana very calmly answers, “Every six months, I see my marriage fixed up. Of course, marriage is definitely on the cards but I don’t know when! I choose a role after much soul searching and when it comes to my marriage, I will be double sure in deciding. I want it to be happily ever after.”

Leave alone dating Mr Right, Bhavana is also paying another price for her fame — her loss of privacy. “All that I go out to is the gym, the parlour or to my friends’ places. Somewhere I feel sad and lonely when my friends call and I cannot join.” Bhavana is also not rigid about accepting only women-centric roles asserting that the industry is male-dominated and that she cannot afford to wait for a female-oriented role. She would rather be a small part of a successful film than a lead in an unnoticed film.

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