Know your relationship status

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Know your relationship status

Posted: 02/25/2014 08:56 AM IST
Know your relationship status

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There is nothing certain about relationships. Yet in any relationship thaer are certain milestones that indicate that you are in the right direction. Here are a few relationship tips that will help you understand whether the guy you are dating is ready to take it to the next level.

His girlfriend

After having been together for quite some time a day arrives when he casually introduces you to his friends as his girlfriend. It's a great sign that he values the relationship and will take it to the next level. Men usually consider the opinion of their friends to be very important. So if he's confident about revealing the status of your relationship to his friends it means good news.

You fight and make up

In a relationship fights are bound to take place. But if you have a really big fight and then make up then it means he wants to be with you. Whatever the difference between the two of you, he is ready to resolve the issue and make up to continue with the relationship. Fighting and making up shows the relationship is headed towards permanency.

Attending social functions together

If he agrees to accompany you to your friends wedding it means he is serious about the relationship. When he attends a social function with you indicates that he is ready to make the relationship public. It's a great milestone in your relationship as he sees your friend getting married and maybe starts thinking about his commitment towards you.

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