Vishnu’s Anukshanam Postponned

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Vishnu’s Anukshanam Postponned

Posted: 08/09/2014 12:19 PM IST
Vishnu’s Anukshanam Postponned

Vishnu's latest film Anukshanam in the direction of Ram Gopal Varma has been scheduled to be released on August 15th. As per the latest information, Anukshanam has been postponed and RGV explains the reasons for the delay in release:

Ram gopal Varma says,

In view of the overwhelming response we got and still getting for the auction scheme of "Anukshanam" me and Vishnu now decided to postpone the release of our film so as to increase both the publicity and optimise the number of theatres.

This additional time also allows us to do even more complete justice to the trust the bidders showed in us...we also decided to extend the deadline of the closing of the auction by 3 days from 6 pm on 9th august to 6 pm on 12th august to allow the reach even more than what already happened.

We also want to now expand the facilitation of the process of bidders having their own names as presenters on the local posters, vinyls and also on promos in the local channels.

All the winners of the bid will be now provided with the templates of the publicity material so that they can use them to create their own form of publicity as in what they think will work locally in their area...We truly thank all those who bid so far for making this business model such a huge success.

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