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B. Saroja Devi

Posted: 07/20/2013 04:00 AM IST
B. Saroja Devi

(Image source from: Los Angeles bans on free plastic bags!})

Los Angeles came into being the biggest city in the US to prohibit free plastic bags in grocery stores while having it undermentioned in a city council vote on Tuesday. Furthermore, City News Service reported that the 9-1 vote supports a prohibition that will take impact on Jan 1 for large stores. Under the law, shoppers will have to carry their own bags otherwise pay 10 cents each for paper bags.

Somewhere near US$2 million (S$2.5 million) a year is spent to clean up plastic bag litter in Los Angeles. Sanitation authorities approximated beyond 228,000 bags are dispersed in the city every hour. There is another important factor that the city moves with a scheme of arrangement to hand out 1 million reusable bags in low-income areas. 

A plastic free world is safer world!

(AW:Samrat Biswas)

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