Is Anushka saying no kiss or no long kiss?

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Is Anushka saying no kiss or no long kiss?

Posted: 09/24/2013 05:30 AM IST
Is Anushka saying no kiss or no long kiss?

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Anushka Sharma made quite a few fashion statements in the past, but one statement that has confused fans is her comment on Bollywood's longest kiss with passionate Aamir Khan in Peekay (P.K.). She had denied that there is a long kiss in the movie and told reporters that one has to watch all kissing scenes in Bollywood and time them before filming one.

Then the makers can try to beat that record, she said. Anushka emphasized that nothing of that sort would happen and that PK has more to it than the record of a longest kiss. The rumor is just a rumor she says. However, even when laughing away all possibilities of PK script containing a lip-lock, Anushka seemed to say there is too much work involved in timing a kiss.

Still, what about a kiss that does not want to set any records. When Aamir starts romancing, viewers can only sit back and ogle at his passionate depiction of love. In Aamir's hands, anyone is surely lucky to be involved in a romantic scene. The perfectionist had earlier kissed many co-stars, the kiss with Karishma Kapoor being the longest. His other romantic scenes too, kiss or no kiss, has an impact on the senses.

Why, then, is Anushka trying to deny any lip-lock with Aamir Khan? Anushka's most memorable, if we think about it, is with Shahid and Ranveer so far. An interesting kiss always adds a warm flavor to any well-made film. Makers should think again whether or not to include one in this movie. PK also includes Bollywood's newly crowned serial kisser Sushanth. Rajkumar Hirani's political satire, PK, is slated for release next year.

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