Rohit Shetty to direct Ranveer Singh

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Rohit Shetty to direct Ranveer Singh

Posted: 05/10/2017 08:05 PM IST
Rohit Shetty to direct Ranveer Singh

Well this is certainly going to be a biggie. With an out and out commercial director like Shetty, Ranveer is sure to get a quintessential Bollywood hero role. Shetty’s last release, Dilwale, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol met with a lukewarm response. He admits that if he could revisit the film, he’d do things differently. “We should’ve stuck to our original script. We changed it too much. We shouldn’t have done that. But such things happen,” he shrugs.

Currently, the director will be flying to Spain for the reality show. He was unavailable for the last season of the show and is excited to be back on board. Last season of KKK was hosted by Arjun Kapoor. Clearing the rumors about any bad blood between the two, Rohit said, “Arjun actually called to ask me what he should say at the press conference and I told him to say that he was going to be hosting the show in the seventh season because I was busy with Dilwale.”

He further added that his role on KKK goes beyond that of a host. “We worked on everything, from the stunts to the humour. I am busy this year too but I had to do it. I’m personally associated with the stunts and that works for me as well as the show in a big way. If you are not involved in the stunts, then it’s just another show where you give your comments and sit quietly,” he reasons. Well we are certainly looking forward to more details on Rohit’s film with Ranveer. The actor will be next seen in Padmavati, that releases this November.

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