Size Zero Movie Review

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Size Zero Movie Review

Release Dt : Nov, 27 2015
  • Banner  :

    PVP cinema

  • Director  :

    Prakash Kovelamudi

  • Producer  :

    Prasad V Potluri

  • Music  :

    M M Keeravani

  • Cinema Rating  : 3.25

  • Cinematography  :

    Nirav Shah

  • Editing by  :

    Prawin Pudi

  • Starring  :

    Arya, Anushka Shetty, Sonal Chauhan

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Size Zero Story

Sweety (Anushka) is an obessed girl who works in a restaurant staying with her mother, brother and grandfather. Sweety gets rejected big time by many guys to get married and her mother (Urvashi) gets frustrated thinking that Sweety will never get married. Abhi (Arya) who is not interested to get married comes to see Sweety but they come to an understanding ending up Sweety rejecting him. They manage to be good friends after which Sweety’s mother joins her in a weight loss program in Size Zero. Sweety comes to know that they use many drugs due to which health gets spoiled and the rest of the movie is how Sweety fights to prove that Size Zero is all fake. Watch Size Zero to know what happened next.

Size Zero Analysis :

Size Zero Movie Review

The first half of the movie has been peaceful and pleasant. The entertainment has been quoted along with the flow which looks quite natural. The songs have been shot completely different and they have been apt. Though the plot has been predictable, the interesting and poetic narration makes the complete first half impressive.

After a decent first half, the director made sure that he managed the interest among the audience. Though the film dips in between, the pre climax episodes bring up the boost which brings back the pace. The climax has been presented differently and on the whole the second half has been entertaining with a strong social message.

Size Zero Performance :

Anushka who prefers challenging roles has done an interesting role. She has gained huge weight which shows her passion for cinema. She has been thoroughly entertaining and the heart touching episodes have been presented well. Arya and Sonal Chauhan have been decent in the supporting roles. Prakash Raj and Adivi Sesh did their best for their assigned characters. All the other actors have been good.

The story of Size Zero has been never touched and the execution has been interesting. The dialogues and the screenplay have been taking enough care. The music has been completely apt and the songs have been shot quite differently. The cinematography is an asset for the film and the production values have been lavish. Prakash Kovelamudi has taken a different plot and never touched concept and he succeeded in executing it perfectly.


Final Word:


Size Zero will sure end up as a huge winner at the multiplexes. A cute film that impresses for Anushka’s stupendous performance and heart touching emotions. Go and watch it with your family.


Size Zero Movie Review