Dynamite Movie Review

Cinesprint Dynamite Movie Review Dynamite Movie Review Finally, Dynamite Movie all set to go on 04 September, here is the Dynamite Telugu Movie Review by Cinesprint. The lead cast are Manchu Vishnu, Pranitha Subhash And Directed by Deva Katta. get the first Dynamite Movie Review and Rating here Product #: 4521 3 stars, based on 1 reviews

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Dynamite Movie Review

Release Dt : Sep, 04 2015
  • Banner  :

    24 Frames Factory

  • Director  :

    Deva Katta

  • Producer  :

    Manchu Vishnu

  • Music  :

    Achu Rajamani

  • Cinema Rating  :

    333 3

  • Starring  :

    Manchu Vishnu, Pranitha Subhash, JD Chakravarthy

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Dynamite Story


Shivaji (Vishnu) and Anamika (Praneetha) are in love and they decide to go on their first date. Unexpectedly they meet with an accident on the night of their first date and Anamika gets kidnapped during this time. Shivaji will be left clueless and he starts searching for the reason behind her kidnap. During this time, he goes to her home and finds some interesting things and he realises that she is in a huge problem. The rest of the movie is about the problems faced by Shivaji in rescuing Anamika and saving her from the evils. Watch the film to know about the rest.


Dynamite Analysis :

Dynamite Movie Review

Thrillers generally take some time to unfold and the first half of the movie starts on a slow note. The movie gets interesting when the film starts going through and the pre climax episodes take up the film to the top. The action episodes have been highly impressive and the interesting screenplay makes the film top notch. On the whole the complete first half of Dynamite is sure a worth watch.

The second half of the film rarely has flaws throughout and it has been executed properly. The interesting mind game and intelligent execution takes the film to the next level. The last half an hour has been the highlight of the movie which brings a strong impact. The action episodes have been stunning throughout the movie and Vishnu, JD Chakravarthy delivered out their best till date.

Dynamite Performance :

Manchu Vishnu who is struggling for a huge commercial break has comeup with a thriller and he is undoubtedly the highlight of the film. Vishnu carried the film completely on his shoulders and he has transformed himself completely for the film. His hardwork has been completely known and visible on the screen. Praneetha Subash is lucky that she had enough scope to perform with the character of Anamika and she delivered out her best. JD Chakravarthy makes a grand come back and is the other highlight for the movie. His ruggy performance and characterization takes the film to the next level. All others have delivered out their best.

The story of the movie has been interesting and the makers made sure that the film suits the telugu nativity. The screenplay and the narration are the highlights of the film. The action episodes have been beyond the standards and the background score is an asset. The cinematography has been top notch and the production values have been grand enough. Deva Katta makes his comeback with Dynamite and he has perfectly executed the movie with enough and sensible emotions.


Final Word: Dynamite is a huge relief for Manchu Vishnu who is waiting for his comeback. The nail biting second half and the thrilling action episodes make the film a worth watch.

Reviewed by Siva Kumar.


Dynamite Movie Review