Basthi Telugu Movie Review

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Basthi Telugu Movie Review

Release Dt : Jul, 03 2015
  • Banner  :

    Vazman productions

  • Director  :

    Vasu Manthena

  • Producer  :

    Vasu Manthena

  • Music  :

    Pravin Immadi

  • Cinema Rating  :

    1 1

  • Starring  :

    Shreyan, Pragathi, Kota Srinivasa rao, Mukesh Rushi

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Basthi Story

Vijay (Shreyan Kapoor) returns back to India after his studies and his brother Ammi Raju (Mukesh Rushi) is a man who has involved in lot of disputes. Vijay falls in love with Shravanthi (Pragathi) who is the daughter of Bikshapathi (Kota Srinivas Rao). Ammiraju and Bikshapathi who are past rivals increase their focus on each other day by day. The rest of the movie is how Vijay plays a mind game to marry Shravanthi. Watch the movie to know about the rest.

Basthi Analysis :

Basthi Telugu Movie Review

The first half of the starts decent but it becomes confusing during the first half an hour. The elements like comedy, romance and action have not been carried in the right way and on the whole the first half of the film ends up confusing the audience.

The second half of Basthi has some good elements at parts but excluding them, the other movie is completely rubbish. The director completely failed in narrating a youthful entertainer with the needed emotions. The complete second half is a huge disappointment.

Basthi Performance :

Shreyan Kapoor who is making his debut as the son of Jayasudha has been ok with his performance. He needs to work out lot with the dialogue delivery and his expressions especially during the emotional scenes. His dances and fights have been better when compared to others. Pragathi has done a fantabulous job as Shravanthi in the movie and she should be specially mentioned for her terrific perfomrmance in her debut movie. Abhimanyu Sing, Kota Srinivas Rao and Mukesh Rushi have carried the levels of destruction with their performance. All others have been decent.

The story of the film has nothing new in it and it has been inspired from many hit movies like Dhee, Ready and Jayeebhava. The screenplay and the dialogues have not been taken care of which made the film disappointing. The music and the background score are below the mark and so is the editing. The production values have been good but the director Vasu Manthena had no clarity about the making. He has completely failed in bringing out an interesting product.

Final Word:

Basthi is a film that has been made without clarity and concept. A film that can be ignored completely.