Lavanya Solves Image Problem

Chal Mohana Ranga Movie Review

Lavanya Solves Image Problem

Posted: 07/20/2013 01:08 PM IST
Lavanya Solves Image Problem

Image built in cinema industry sometimes is an advantage and sometimes proves to be a handicap.  An image made makes the audience accept the roles the actors take.  But once branded, it will be hard to shake off the image and also gives wrong signals to the producers and directors.  

Sari clad Lavanya Tripathi who with her traditional family looks in “Andala Rakshasi” stole hearts of the youth.  She looked beautiful in sari without revealing her hidden beauty spots.  But the look may become a handicap to her in the interests of her career.  As the trend of the day is not to conceal but to reveal the beauty bestowed by the Nature to the heart’s content of the audience leaving the allowances to the Board of Film Censoring.  

But if a beauty is covered whatever the beautiful the garment may be gives an impression that the actress is meant for certain type of roles only.  In order to shake it off, Lavanya made a public entry in the audio function of Manchu Manoj’s Potugadu, in a short skirt to show case her sizzling hot parts and also to state without uttering a word about it that she can wear an ultra modern dress also.  

Good foresight Lavanya, keep it up- muttered some under their breath while many simply stared at her eyes locked to her movements. Mission accomplished!


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