Proper sleep pattern is at most important!

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Proper sleep pattern is at most important!

Posted: 05/23/2016 11:30 AM IST
Proper sleep pattern is at most important!

We usually hear that children grow while sleeping, while the fact is proper sleep pattern is very important for adults too! On time sleep gives good health and rejuvenates. Timely sleep boosts good mood, helps in gaining beautiful skin and is a key part of healthy lifestyle.

Strengthen Memory: Things you do after a good night’s sleep would see enhanced performance and strengthened memory.

Long life: Sleep enough to own long life span. Yes, inadequate sleep would lead to short life span. A good night’s sleep helps in preventing many diseases like heart attacks, other heart diseases, obesity and diabetes.

Better Sex Life: As per studies, a good night sleep helps in maintaining an adequate testosterone level in males. People with inadequate sleep would suffer from unhappy love life.

Decline Pain: On time sleep and sufficient sleep increases the pain threshold of a person. It also heals in maintaining and managing body weight. So it is better to sleep when you are hurt.

Productivity increases: Timely sleep helps in enhanced performance, concentration and cognition. Lack of sleep shows impact on alcohol consumption levels. Problem solving skills get enhanced with good sleep pattern.

Avert depression: According to studies, most people with depression complain about poor sleeping schedule. Other associated sleep disorders include obstructive sleep apnea or insomnia.

Stay Young: Sleeping on time and for sufficient period of time would make you stay young for a longer time. This is because adequate sleep helps in enhancing the growth hormone production, which has anti-aging benefits.

So, when sleeping has so many benefits. Why not maintain proper sleep habits? After all, you just have to happily rest! Sleep tight!

- Sumana

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