ABCD Movie Review, Rating, Story

Cinesprint ABCD Movie Review, Rating, Story ABCD Movie Review, Rating, Story ABCD Telugu Movie Review and Rating, live updates of ABCD. The Latest Telugu Movie ABCD featuring Allu Sirish, Rukshar Dhillon and Nagendra Babu. Product #: 7936 2.75 stars, based on 1 reviews

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ABCD Movie

Release Dt : May, 17 2019
  • Banner  :

    Madhura Entertainment, BigBen Cinemas

  • Director  :

    Sanjeev Reddy

  • Producer  :

    Madhura Sreedhar Reddy, Yash Rangineni

  • Music  :

    Judah Sandhy

  • Cinema Rating  :

    2.752.75 2.75

  • Cinematography  :


  • Editing by  :

    Navin Nooli

  • Starring  :

    Allu Sirish, Rukshar Dhillon, Nagendra Babu

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ABCD Story


ABCD is the story of Aravind Prasad (Allu Sirish) aka Avi who is born to a billionaire businessman (Naga Babu). Avi leads a lavish life with his friends and is fonding of spending money. One fine day, to make him realize the value of money and life, his father sends Avi to India. It is after landing in India, Avi realizes the game plan of his father. The rest of ABCD is all about the struggle of Avi to lead a simple life and the obstacles he faces in this process. Watch ABCD to know about the complete story.

ABCD Analysis :

ABCD Movie Review, Rating, Story

ABCD opens with a bang and will narrate the characters well. The tempo goes down gradually and goes on a subtle pace. Though the entertainment episodes are not greatly written, the film looks passable. The songs are good and they are well placed. The cute love story has been decent and the first half of ABCD looks good with decent commercial elements stuffed into it. Allu Sirish delivers a decent performance throughout the movie.

The second half of ABCD has lot of stories involved and has less entertainment. The film turns very slow and should have been crisp and well written. The cinematography work and the performances throughout the second half stand out. The pre-climax episodes make the film slow and the climax of ABCD looks decent. On the whole, the second half of ABCD is ok.

ABCD Performance :


Allu Sirish delivers his career's best performance with the film and his comic timing has been top notch. Rukshar Dhillion shines in the limited role and she has been glamorous with her looks. Bharat has been quite supportive and has enough scope to entertain the audience. Raja plays the role of the lead antagonist and he looks apt. Naga Babu is good enough and emotional as Allu Sirish's father. All the other actors have been decent.

ABCD is the remake of Mayalalam movie ABCD and the makers made enough changes for Tollywood audience. The screenplay and dialogues have been decent. The music and the background score elevated the film well. The cinematography work stands out and the production values have been grand. Sanjeev Reddy makes a decent debut with ABCD.

Final Word:


Allu Sirish and his team shine with their performances in ABCD which makes a decent one time watch. Entertainment and crisp runtime are the assets.


ABCD Movie Review, Rating, Story