Achari America Yatra Movie Review, Rating, Story

Cinesprint Achari America Yatra Movie Review, Rating, Story Achari America Yatra Movie Review, Rating, Story Achari America Yatra Telugu Movie Review and Rating, live updates of Achari America Yatra. The Latest Telugu Movie Achari America Yatra featuring Vishnu Manchu, Pragya Jaiswal, Brahmandam and Anoop Singh Thakur. Product #: 7828 2 stars, based on 1 reviews

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Achari America Yatra Movie

Release Dt : Apr, 27 2018
  • Banner  :

    Padmaja Pictures

  • Director  :

    G Nageswar Reddy

  • Producer  :

    Kirthi Chowdary, Kittu

  • Music  :

    SS Thaman, Achu Rajamani

  • Cinema Rating  :

    22 2

  • Starring  :

    Vishnu Manchu, Pragya Jaiswal, Brahmandam, Anoop Singh Thakur

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Achari America Yatra Story


Achari America Yatra is all about the life story of Krishnamachari (Vishnu) who works as a priest under his Guru (Brahmanandam). Right when things are going absolutely fine, they perform a homam at the residence of a goon Raju (Pradeep Rawat). Raju's father (Kota Sreenivas Rao) passes away after which Krishnamachari and his team gets targetted. To escape from them, Krishnamachari and his team flies to USA and the rest of the film is all about how they survive in USA and escapes from Raju's team. Watch Achari America Yatra to know about the complete story.

Achari America Yatra Analysis :

Achari America Yatra Movie Review, Rating, Story

One expects some simple and cool entertainment from Achari America Yatra after watching the trailer. But the film doesn't look or sound so. The entire film falls flat because of the poor writing skills and logicless narration. The first half looks boring and irritating throughout. With a bunch of comedians around, G Nageshwar Reddy fails in all the available ways in delivering a fine comic caper.

After a boring first half, the second half of Achari America Yatra turns even worse. It is quite hard to kill the time throughout because of the poor narration. Except couple of songs, Achari America Yatra is a huge misfire in all the available ways. the logicless sequences and the silly plot makes Achari America Yatra one of the biggest debacles in the recent times.

Achari America Yatra Performance :


Manchu Vishnu delivered out his best for the film. However his character should have been penned better. Pragya Jaiswal is a treat to watch and she delivered her best with Achari America Yatra. She has been glamorous especially in the songs and turned out to be a treat for frontseaters. Praveen, Prabhas Seenu , Prudhvi , Posani Krishna Murali have been decent in their assignments.

The story of Achari America Yatra has been meaningless and logicless completely. The screenplay and the dialogues are the biggest disappointments of the film. The music and the background score sounded decent and the cinematography work lives up to the expectations. The production values looked grand. The film's director G Nageshwar Reddy steps out with a poor script and fails to make justice for Achari America Yatra.


Final Word:



Achari America Yatra is a film that can be ignored for the logicless content and the meaningless narration. Manchu Vishnu and his team disappoints again.

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Achari America Yatra Movie Review, Rating, Story