Ungarala Rambabu Movie Review Rating Story

Cinesprint Ungarala Rambabu Movie Review Rating Story Ungarala Rambabu Movie Review Rating Story Ungarala Rambabu Telugu Movie Review and Rating, live updates of Ungarala Rambabu. The Latest Telugu Movie Ungarala Rambabu featuring Sunil, Mia George, Prakash Raj and Posani Product #: 7760 2.5 stars, based on 1 reviews

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Ungarala Rambabu Movie Review

Release Dt : Sep, 15 2017
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    United Kireeti Movies

  • Director  :

    Kranthi Madhav

  • Producer  :

    Paruchuri Kireeti

  • Music  :


  • Cinema Rating  :

    2.52.5 2.5

  • Starring  :

    Sunil, Mia George, Prakash Raj, Posani

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Ungarala Rambabu Story


Ungarala Rambabu is all about the story of Rambabu (Sunil) who owns a travel agency. A firm believer of Baadam Baba (Posani Krishna Murali), Rambabu has been asked to marry a traditional girl born with a particular zodiac sign. He finally locates Savitri (Miya George) who joins as a manager in his travel company. The rest of Ungarala Rambabu is all about the problems he faces to end up impressing Savitri and winning his love. In this process he meets Savitri’s father Ranga (Prakash Raj) and watch Ungarala Rambabu to know about the complete story.

Ungarala Rambabu Analysis :

Ungarala Rambabu Movie Review Rating Story

The first half of Ungarala Rambabu looks decent and it has been penned well, executed decently. Though Sunil’s characterization reminds us about his previous films, the entertainment looks fresh. The songs have been decent and with not a great story, the film looks passable with an interesting interval bang. Sunil performs well and the production values look grand which makes the film colourful. On the whole the first half of Ungarala Rambabu looks passable.

The most important second half looks completely deviated. The screenplay makes the film confusing and most of the episodes remind us of past Telugu films. The entire second half has been extremely predictable except couple of interesting episodes. The songs have been ok and the interesting farmers protest has been loosely executed. On the whole the second half of Ungarala Rambabu is a huge let down.

Ungarala Rambabu Performance :


Sunil has been extremely impressive with his performance throughout the film. He gained enough weight and looks better than his previous films. The actor has been decent in the emotional episodes and he excelled with his dance moves. Miya George has been pretty and performed well on screen. Prakash Raj has been assigned a powerful and as usual he delivered out his best. All the other actors have been extremely impressive.

The story of Ungarala Rambabu has nothing special to reveal. The screenplay looks decent in the first half but it is because of the poor screenplay, the second half falls flat. The music has been soothing but the songs have not been shot well. The cinematography and the production values are the major highlights of the film. Kranthi Madhav who is known for his sensible films failed to impress the audience with Ungarala Rambabu.

Final Word:


Ungarala Rambabu is one film that fall flat because of the predictable and outdated second half. Sunil has been decent and Prakash Raj tops the show.

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Ungarala Rambabu Movie Review Rating Story