Nirmala Convent Movie Review

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Nirmala Convent Movie Review

Release Dt : Sep, 16 2016
  • Banner  :

    Annapurna Studios, Matrix Team Works

  • Director  :

    G. Naga Koteswara Rao

  • Producer  :

    Nagarjuna Akkineni, Nimmagadda Prasad

  • Music  :

    Roshan Saluri

  • Cinema Rating  :

    22 2

  • Cinematography  :

    S. V. Vishweshwar

  • Starring  :

    Roshan Meka, Shriya Sharma, Nagarjuna Akkineni

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Nirmala Convent Story


Nirmala Convent is the story of a villager from Bhupatinagaram Shyam (Roshan) who falls in love with his classmate Santhi (Shirya Sharma). Santhi happens to be the grand daughter of the king of the village who owns 99 acres of land however Shyam’s family has one acre of land which turns crucial for the king’s 99 acres. Santhi’s father Bhupati Raju (Aditya Menon) comes to know about Santhi’s love story and he asks the one acre land owned by Shyam’s family. The rest of Nirmala Convent is all about what happens next. Watch Nirmala Convent to know about the complete film.

Nirmala Convent Analysis :

Nirmala Convent Movie Review

Nirmala Convent has nothing exciting except the special appearance of King Nagarjuna. The first half of the film has been smooth and simple but it has been completely predictable. The performances by the lead actors has been impressive however the completely predictable narration with no interesting twists make the audience get irritated. The songs of the film have been shot well and the movie has been made on a tight budget. The interval episodes lift the film and on the whole the first half of Nirmala Convent has just been ok.

The second half of Nirmala Convent is the major show spoiler. The film offers nothing much right from the first frame. The special appearance of Nagarjuna made the film passable. The poor execution and presentation makes the second half of Nirmala Convent fall flat. The pre-climax episodes kill the flavour of the film completely. The climax has been simple and completely predictable. On the whole the complete second half is a huge misfire.

Nirmala Convent Performance :


Srikanth’s son Roshan makes an impressive debut with Nirmala Convent and he has been perfectly apt for the written role. His screen presence has been completely decent and the actor excelled in the emotional episodes with ease. Shriya Sharma too has been decent and impressive with her acting skills. On the flipside, the glamorous show of the actress should have been avoided. Nagarjuna has been decent in the assigned role though it has been simple. All the other actors have been decent in their roles.

The story of Nirmala Convent resembles to that of the story from 80s of Telugu cinema. The screenplay of the film lacks enough grip and the dialogues have been just ok. The music and the background score are said to be the major highlights of Nirmala Convent. The cinematography has been decent and so is the editing. The production values have been grand enough and the director fails in all the available ways to come out with an impressive product.

Final Word:


Nirmala Convent is a film that can be given a huge skip because of the outdated plot and the poor execution. Though the lead actors excel with their assignments, the film falls flat.

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Nirmala Convent Movie Review