Brahmotsavam Movie Review

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Brahmotsavam Movie Review

Release Dt : May, 20 2016
  • Banner  :

    PVP cinema, G. Mahesh Babu Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

  • Director  :

    Srikanth Addala

  • Producer  :

    Prasad V. Potluri, Mahesh Babu

  • Music  :

    Mickey J. Meyer, Mani Sharma

  • Cinema Rating  :

    1.5 1.5

  • Cinematography  :

    R. Rathnavelu

  • Editing by  :

    Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

  • Starring  :

    Mahesh Babu, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Kajal Aggarwal, Pranitha Subhash

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Brahmotsavam Story


Brahmotsavam is the story of a son (Mahesh Babu) who follows and believes his father in all the aspects. His father wants to be positive and values relations rather than money and luxuries. He takes the entire family to an untouchable position because of which he gets valued than other members of his joint family. This brings clashes with his brother-in-law (Rao Ramesh) which leads to the sudden demise of him. It is the time when his son takes charge and starts following his father and his ideas. The rest of the movie is how he gets through the drift created in the family. Watch Brahmotsavam to know about the movie.

Brahmotsavam Analysis :

Brahmotsavam Movie Review

The movie starts on a note of explanation and introduction of the prominent character with the lead roles. The film surprises everyone as it has been filled with colors all over. Though the film stays interesting for the first 20 minutes, the movie starts dipping down slowly with unwanted emotional episodes and the repeated content following. Too many songs have been placed in the first half an hour after which the movie has nothing much to be revealed. The pre-climax episodes gets dragged too much which becomes a test for the patience of the audience. Though the interval episode has been expected, it has been decent. On the whole the first half of the film has moments to get rejoiced but it doesn’t really impress you.

The second half of Brahmotsavam makes it tough for the audience to pass time and get through as it has rarely moments to get entertained or thrilled. The movie lacks proper plot and the bad execution kills the complete film. The songs have been misplaced completely and the real needed emotional episodes make their entry right at the climax that makes no impact on the film. Brahmotsavam is a utter disappointment in all the aspects except the lavish visuals and the soothing music along with some stunning cinematography.

Brahmotsavam Performance :


Mahesh Babu comes back with a bang and his stunning presence is sure a huge challenge for the young actors. He has been completely charming and marvelous on screen and the actor took enough care of his styling. Samantha has been bubbly and energetic in the assigned role. Kajal has been diplomatic, logical and her stunning looks will make you fall for her. Praneetha has nothing much to do except a supporting role. Satyaraj pulls out the film and turns it with his emotional knock in all the episodes he has been present. Rao Ramesh has been ruggish and fearless throughout. All the other actors Shiyaji Shiney, Naresh, Revathi, Jayasudha and others have been decent with their assignments.

The story of the movie is the biggest mistake that happened for Brahmotsavam. The screenplay and the dialogues made the film even worse as the complete movie lacked clarity and powerful execution. The songs and the background score have been up to the needed marks. It is the cinematography which takes the major turn in the movie and every rupee spent on the screen has been widely visible. The production values need to be mentioned specially and PVP is completely responsible for spending a bomb and guts to the production house. Sreekanth Addala fails once again to come out with an engaging narration which he lacked in his previous movie. Brahmotsavam is a costly mistake from the director and from his team.

Final Word:


Brahmotsavam is sure a costly mistake as it lacks proper execution and flawless narration though the film has been filled with a star studded cast. A film that will completely leave everyone disappointed.

Reviewed By Siva Kumar

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Brahmotsavam Movie Review