Kalyana Vaibhogame Movie Review

Cinesprint Kalyana Vaibhogame Movie Review Kalyana Vaibhogame Movie Review Kalyana Vaibhogame Telugu Movie Review and Rating, live updates of Kalyana Vaibhogame. The Latest Telugu Movie Kalyana Vaibhogame featuring Naga Shaurya, Malavika Nair Product #: 5363 3.25 stars, based on 1 reviews

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Kalyana Vaibhogame Movie Review

Release Dt : Mar, 04 2016
  • Banner  :

    Sri Ranjith Movies

  • Director  :

    Nandini Reddy

  • Producer  :

    KL Damodara Prasad

  • Music  :

    Kalyan Koduri

  • Cinema Rating  : 3.25

  • Starring  :

    Naga Shaurya, Malavika Nair

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Kalyana Vaibhogame Story

Shourya (Naga Shourya) is a matured young guy who is a gaming expert and is against marriage as he feels that it is a responsibility. The same is the case with Divya (Malavika Nair) who is a medico by profession. Fate changes things fastly that they get married as they have been forced by their parents. It is then when they plan to get divorced in the coming six months as they have many big dreams to achieve. Kalyana Vaibhogame is about Shourya and Divya realizing about the value of relations and emotions getting maturity after staying together. Watch the movie on big screen for the complete narration.

Kalyana Vaibhogame Analysis :

Kalyana Vaibhogame Movie Review

Kalyana Vaibhogame has a decent and engaging first half. The first half has loads of entertainment and Naga Shourya carried the complete film on his shoulders with his performance. The fresh and realistic narration makes the film decent and impressive. The songs are the major highlights of the film and though the movie dips down at parts, the director made sure it came back at the right time. On the whole the complete first half has been impressive and completely engaging.

The second half of Kalyana Vaibhogame too has been decent enough but some unwanted scenes have been included and even some of the episodes have been dragged too much. There are some episodes that look unconvincing and the emotional drama has been well balanced on screen. The climax takes the major role which makes the film end on an impressive note.

Kalyana Vaibhogame Performance :

Naga Shourya who had an impressive career till date comes up with one more impressive performance in the movie. He has been stupendous with his presence and performance in the film. Malavika Nair who raised the eye brows with Yevade Subramanyam has done one more stupendous role as Divya which will sure entertain the audience. The movie has number of actors who will be framed in each scene and they were well balanced with their roles and their performances throughout the movie. All the other actors have been good.

The movie has a decent plot which has never been touched earlier. The screenplay of the movie has been taken good care of and the dialogues have been well written. The music and the background score take the film to the next level which will surprise everyone. The cinematography makes Kalyana Vaibhogame a treat for the audience and the movie is extremely colourful. The production values have been grand and lavish. Director Nandini Reddy comes out with one more impressive movie which will end up impressing the family audience big time.

Final Word:

Kalyana Vaibhogame is sure a treat for family film lovers. The real emotions and the values of relations have been narrated in an engaging way. A decent one time watch.


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Kalyana Vaibhogame Movie Review