Guntur Talkies Movie Review

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Guntur Talkies Movie Review

Release Dt : Mar, 04 2016
  • Banner  :

    RK Studios

  • Director  :

    Praveen Sattaru

  • Producer  :

    Raaj Kumar. M

  • Music  :

    Sri Charan Pakala

  • Cinema Rating  :

    22 2

  • Cinematography  :

    Ganesh Master

  • Editing by  :

    Dharmendra Kakarala

  • Starring  :

    Rashmi Gautam, Shraddha Das, Naresh, Siddu Jonnalagadda

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Guntur Talkies Story

Giri (Naresh), Hari (Siddhu) are two friends who work in a medical shop for low wages. They are even petty thieves, doing some petty robberies. One fine day, they decide to commit some big robbery and settle in life and steals Rs. 5 lakhs from a house. But the fate has written something else, after they get targeted by two dons Jackie (Mahesh Majrekar) and Revolver Rani (Shraddha Das). How are those two dons related to the story and what about Hari’s love with his girl Suvarna (Rashmi)? Watch the film, to know the answers to these questions.

Guntur Talkies Analysis :

Guntur Talkies Movie Review

Naresh, Siddhu and Mahesh Manjrekar’s comedy timing is the major plus point of Guntur Talkies film. Throughout the trailers and songs, Rashmi was shown in spicy avatar. But she has nothing much to do in the film. Though the makers tried to show screenplay and narrating way in interesting manner, as the story has nothing gripping, the makers efforts sound low.

Shraddha Das and Rashmi characters have no logic or any clarity. Until the first half ending, even the plot itself will not be revealed and adding to it, not even a single notable scene till then, will disappoint the audience more. In few scenes, the movie even appears as a ‘B’ grade one.

Guntur Talkies Performance :

Naresh brought out his full potential for his character in the film. But as the script lacks grip, all those efforts go in vain. Siddhu’s comedy timing is really good. Especially, he gave more than required for the poor content in the film. Mahesh Manjrekar’s as comedy villain is impressive. Rashmi is hot in both songs she was offered and Shraddha is heroic in the limited portion she has in the film. Rest others did a decent job.

Sri Charan’s music is the greatest breathing part of Guntur Talkies film.  Cinematography shades according to the scene dealt is impressive. Editing is a total flaw, dialogues are just ok. Production values are good. Except in a few of the ok-ok comedy scenes, director Praveen Sattaru’s identity cannot be felt anywhere in the film.

Final Word:

Guntur Talkies is a huge disappointment that comes from the National award winning director Praveen Sattaru. A huge debacle.

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Guntur Talkies Movie Review