Beeruva Movie Review

Cinesprint Beeruva Movie Review Beeruva Movie Review Get Sundeep Kishan New Film Beeruva Reviews and Ratings Directed by Kanmani. Watch Latest Beeruva Trailers and Teasers, Beeruva Songs and Wallpapers. Starring Sundeep Kishan, Surabhi and Music by SS Thaman Product #: 2685 2.5 stars, based on 1 reviews

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Beeruva Movie Review

Release Dt : Jan, 23 2015
  • Banner  :

    Usha Kiran Movies and Anandi Arts

  • Director  :


  • Producer  :

    Ramoji Rao and Gemini Kiran

  • Music  :

    SS Thaman

  • Cinema Rating  :

    2.52.5 2.5

  • Cinematography  :

    Chota K Naidu

  • Starring  :

    Sundeep Kishan, Surabhi

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Sanju (Sundeep Kishan) has a best friend Beeruva and whenever his father tries to beat, Sanju hides himself in the Beeruva. His father (Naresh) loses Rs 40 crores in a deal and he approaches an MP to come out of the trouble. MP pays his money but asks his family to stay in his home till he recovers the money. Sanju falls for Surabhi, the daughter of MP and Ajay who aspires to become a politician wants to marry Surabhi. The rest of the movie is who wins Surabhi.

Analysis :

Beeruva Movie Review

The first half of the movie starts with an interesting narration and the movie has good quotient of entertainment. The complete story has been in the first half and once the suspense has been revealed the film becomes predictable. On the whole the first half has been decent.

The second half of the movie has too much action which is not needed and the second half has been dragged too much. The comedy sequences test the patience of the audience waiting for the climax. On the whole the second half is a huge downfall which makes the film below average.

Performance :

Sundeep Kishan has signed a movie in which he has already been seen and he has done his character with ease. Surabhi looked cute and beautiful in the film and all others have done their assigned job.

The story of the movie has nothing new to offer and the film has lost pace in the first half. The dialogues have been good enough and the cinematography has been decent. Thaman’s music has been below the average line. The production values have been grand enough and the director should have concentrated on an engaging script instead of selecting an engaging title.

Final Word:

Beeruva has nothing new to offer and the movie dips down badly in the second half. The movie has nothing new except some entertainment in the first half. Can be ignored.


Beeruva Movie Review