Nirnayam Movie Review

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Release Dt : Dec, 13 2014
  • Banner  :

    Lawa Entertainments

  • Director  :


  • Producer  :

    K.Jyotsna Rani, M.Lakshmi, M Surekha

  • Music  :

    Selva Ganesh

  • Cinema Rating  :

    333 3

  • Cinematography  :

    Chiti Babu

  • Starring  :


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Mukund (Raana Vikram) is a hard working guy who falls in love with Jenni (Regina) and he marries her without the support of his parents. Jenni is an orphan and they do not have any support after their marriage. Because of the expenses and low income, both get differences and they start fighting. Due to an unknown incident, everything changes completely. What is the incident and what’s their future. Watch the movie for the rest of the story.

Analysis :

Nirnayam Movie Review

The first half of the movie starts on an interesting pace and the narration has been shot well. The movie gets interesting after their marriage and the screenplay has been written well which has been executed well without deviating the plot. The song in the first half has been shot well and on the whole the first half ends on a faster pace which entertains the audience completely.

The second half starts on a slower note with entertainment taking the major role and the movie makes back to the story and gets interesting. The second half of Nirnayam has been highly interesting. The item song disturbs the pace but still the movie’s interest has been maintained till the end. The baby girl has did a wonderful role with her expressions which takes the movie to another level. The climax of the movie is heart touching which leaves everyone in surprise.

Performance :

Regina has done her career best performance with Nirnayam and her character resembles the girl to next door.  Raana Vikram has carried the movie on his shoulders throughout the movie and he has delivered his career’s best performance. Baby Vedhika is one of the highlight of the movie and she did a magical performance with the film. Vedhika has touched everyone and the movie will reach the audience because of her performance. All the others have done their assigned jobs.

The story has been new to narrate and this will be an eye opener for many more movies in future. The screenplay has been written tight and the narration has been gripping. The music of the film has been apt and the back ground score is adequate. The photography of Nirnayam is a visual treat for the audience. The production values are grand enough and the director has been highly successful in narrating a non regular film with lot of interest and entertainment.

Final Word:

Nirnayam is not a regular film but it will sure win the hearts of the audience which leaves everyone in surprise. A Film to be watched this weekend.