Samantha's marriage, Kaajal's affair still secret!

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Samantha's marriage, Kaajal's affair still secret!

Posted: 07/20/2013 05:30 AM IST
Samantha's marriage, Kaajal's affair still secret!

Beautiful but secretive, actresses Samantha and Kaajal have a secret that they are not sharing. There are wild rumors flying around that Samantha is secretly married and Kaajal Aggarwal is in a relationship. But, both actresses are acting ignorance on any commitment.

Recently, we have seen some of the actresses beginning to confess their relationships, giving fans an impression of steady romance. There are still those who do not prefer to share their personal lives with others.

All is well in Siddharth and Samantha's relationship, despite the lady denying any commitment or marriage. The purpose of the denial was to keep the filmmakers happy about her single status, according to the gossip. However, the love birds were noticed at a wedding, behaving like a married couple. Those who caught a glimpse of the couple were quite sure of their proximity and comfort levels.

Sid and Sam attended a friend's wedding, where they reportedly stuck to the bride and groom throughout the ceremony. Meanwhile, there are no details on Kaajal's affair. Apparently, the guy in question is not from around here. Though the actress has denied any affair, rumors tell a different story.

Sam and Kaajal were close friends during the days they worked together for Brindavanam with Jr NTR. Looks like they have a secret, but we wonder if they have shared it with each other at least.

(AW: Sruthi)

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