Increase your chances of pregnancy

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Increase your chances of pregnancy

Posted: 04/04/2016 07:52 PM IST
Increase your chances of pregnancy

Some time after wedding, many couples desire to welcome a child as a next step to fulfilling marriage. If you are in the same stage, remember that it is not sufficient or essential to involve in more sex to get pregnant. There are many other things on which you have to concentrate if you want to double your chances of conceiving.

Time Your Sex

This is the first suggested thing. Track your cycle to figure out most probable day of ovulation. Making love at least three times a week helps in keeping sperms healthy. Life-span for egg is one day, while that of sperms is minimum three days. Even apps that help you figuring out ovulation are available in the market, use them.

Wholesome Diet plays its part

Wholesome Diet always plays its part. Eat healthy to include protein, zinc, iron, Vitamin C and D. Completely avoid processed food. Rather pic organic foods. Stay hydrated to avoid many potential problems. Water helps in keeping cervical fluid up, thereby helping sperm to reach the egg. Avoid a lot of coffee. Alcohol is proved to cut the chances of pregnancy. Get Vitamin D, expose to Sun.

Relax, take off on holiday

Interestingly, fertility massages by therapists work out. These massages sooth and enhance oxygenated blood circulation to uterus. They even help in flushing out toxins. Most importantly, fill your mind with positive thoughts, enjoy good music and get motivated. Relax yourself through meditation and yoga. Another idea is to relax and take a holiday. Stress drastically affects fertility, so try alternatives like aromatherapy and acupressure. You will feel the magic!

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- Sumana

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