Women responsible for being raped: Study

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Women responsible for being raped: Study

Posted: 04/16/2016 06:35 PM IST
Women responsible for being raped: Study

Women should be blamed for the rapes, as they are believed to be caused due to their flirtatious acts, study says.

Sexy or revealing clothing or drinking, are the key reasons for the men, to attempt rape, the study further says.

One among five woman, should be blamed, if she is found to have several sexual partners and over 1/3 researchers believe, woman is responsible to some degree, if she has clearly failed to say “no” to the man.

However, greater proportion of men participated in the study, than women. But when the question of drunk, more women specified that, woman is “totally responsible” for being raped, if she was intoxicated.       

Kate Allen, Amnesty International UK director said the poll, part of its Stop Violence Against Women campaign, had uncovered "disturbing attitudes".

“It is shocking that so many people will lay the blame for being raped at the feet of women themselves and the government must launch a new drive to counteract this sexist 'blame culture',” she said.

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The research further showed the scale of public ignorance, over the true extent of rape crimes in the UK and the "dreadfully low" conviction rates, she said.

“The government has an international duty to prevent this gross human rights violation yet it's clear that the government's policies on tackling rape are failing and failing badly,” she said.

“These findings should act as a wake-up call to the government to urgently tackle the triple problem of the high incidence of rape, low conviction rates and a sexist blame culture.”

Joanna Perry, policy manager at Victim Support, said, “It is alarming to read that so many people seem to believe that a woman is responsible for inviting a rape or sexual assault, because of what she was wearing, what she drank or how she behaved.

Rape is an appalling crime and has a devastating effect on victims, and those close to them. In other words, nobody asks to be raped.”

'Prejudices' in court system

Ruth Hall, from the support group Women Against Rape, criticised "prejudices" in the court system, saying, “They still put the woman on trial, including her sexual history with other men, which is supposed to be banned and blame the woman for what happened to her and hold her accountable.

"If that is the standard set by the people who are supposed to be prosecuting rapists and protecting us it is not surprising if members of the public say the same thing."

“Rather than another Government awareness campaign, the Government's responsibility is to get the criminal justice authorities to prosecute violent men. Let them worry about the awareness of the police, judges and the Crown Prosecution Service and public awareness will change,” she added.

ICM, after conducting, a random sample of 1,095 adults aged 18+, exposed the results as below.

If the woman was drunk,
4pc said- Totally responsible
26pc said- Partially responsible

If the woman behaved in a flirtatious manner,
6pc said- Totally responsible
28pc said- Partially responsible

If the woman failed to say "no" clearly to the man,

8pc said- Totally responsible
29pc said- Partially responsible

If the woman was wearing sexy or revealing clothing,

6pc said- Totally responsible
20pc- Partially responsible

If it is known that the woman has many sexual partners,
8pc said- Totally responsible
14pc said- Partially responsible

If she is alone and walking in a dangerous or deserted area,

5pc said- Totally responsible
17pc said- Partially responsible

By Phani Ch

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