Healthy Reasons to Drink Coffee everyday

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Healthy Reasons to Drink Coffee everyday

Posted: 06/19/2015 07:37 PM IST
Healthy Reasons to Drink Coffee everyday

There are many reasons to have a cup of coffee everyday. Many studies have proved that coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of several serious diseases. Here are few more health benefits of coffee.

Boost up memory:

A study performed by the Austrian researchers has proved that, taking caffeinated drinks enhances the brain activity and improved memory skills in the volunteers.

Lessens Type 2 Diabetes:

A study about coffee says that about 7% of diabetes get dropped with a cup of coffee daily. It helps the body to protect insulin producing cells and enables the regulation of blood. Taking coffee also reduces tissue damage and also reduces toxic accumulation that is found in diabetes 2.

Improves Exercise performance:

Fitness experts suggest taking coffee before and after your workout or exercise. As the exercisers get dehydrated soon, it is recommended by experts that about 5 cups per day is to be taken by them. It also helps to enable you for longer time during your exercise.

Improves erectile dysfunction:

A study proved that Men who drink about 85 to 170 mgs of caffeine every day can get rid of about 42% of Erectile Dysfunction. So, it is advised to have 3 cups of coffee every day for men.

Smell the coffee everyday:

Coffee smell is enough to wake you up actively. Experts suggest drinking coffee at 8AM even though you get up early in the morning. Some studies proved that the cortisol level increases at that time of having a cup of coffee.

Reduces depression in women:

A recent study has proved that about 20% of depression among women can be reduced through a cup of coffee. As the caffeinated drinks helps in reducing the depression, take more coffee and get rid of depression.

By Lizitha

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