Fruits for skin health!

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Fruits for skin health!

Posted: 04/27/2016 01:16 PM IST
Fruits for skin health!

Go nature! Ditch costly creams and lotions for glowing skin. Don’t allow your face to lose its sheen before age. Pick these five fruits to get a radiant skin.


Orange is rich in nutrients, especially vitamin C. It is essential in collagen production. Orange juice miraculously beats ageing effects. Scrub your face with orange piece or rub with orange juice to get clean clogged skin pores. This way you can also prevent acne, fine lines and pimples. Rubbing orange peel on the skin also shows miraculous health benefits. 


Ample qualities of Apple gives glow to your skin. The fruit is rich in copper and Vitamin C. These are skin friendly nutrients enhancing skin health. Also, essential nutrients are retained by the fruit. An essential mineral, Potassium is present in apple for glowing skin.

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Every one knows watermelon helps in keeping skin hydrated. Most importantly, it is a rich source of  Vitamin C and A, lycopene. These are helpful in slowing down signs of ageing. Vitamin A helps in reducing skin pores and oil secretion from the sebaceous glands. Apply a slice of watermelon as a face cleanser.


The super fruit is a nutritionally rich fruit with unique enzymes. It helps in protecting heart, losing weight. You skin would begin to look fresh and young by consuming papaya on regular basis and applying it on face as a mask.

- Sumana

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