How to Think Like a Fashion Designer

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How to Think Like a Fashion Designer

Posted: 02/18/2012 05:23 PM IST
How to Think Like a Fashion Designer

Fashion designers don't just work in the world of fashion--they live and breathe it. They have a clear vision, an abundance of creative skills and most important--the right mindset. By adopting a few simple practices to get into the fashion zone, it will soon become second nature to think like a successful fashion designer.

Know your designers. Anyone who is interested in fashion needs to know who the masters are, and what contributions they have made to the industry. Don't just focus on who is hot right now, instead thoroughly inform yourself about the major fashion movements that have been created throughout history and what designers were responsible for them.

Get inspired. Fashion designers take their inspiration from just about anything--a prominent building, a striking piece of art, nature. The options are endless. The key is to know how to translate this inspiration into imaginative clothing designs. Carry around a sketchpad and pencil wherever you go and jot down anything that inspires you. You can also add pictures or text from books and magazines. This collection of imagery and ideas will prove invaluable when you start to sketch your designs.

Learn about all forms of design, including architecture, interior, textile and industrial design. Although they are different disciplines, the common principals of symmetry, form and composition can help an aspiring designer develop her ideas and drawing skills.

Be intuitive. Fashion designers are always working 1 to 2 years ahead of the current market, so while their summer merchandise is on the shop racks they are already busy designing fall clothes for the following year. It's not psychic ability that keeps them ahead of the game; it's their sharp intuitive skills. Learn how to predict what will be in fashion next season by reading fashion forecasting and color trend reports for ideas on the important colors and silhouettes, but also keep in mind the economics of fashion. Keeping on top of global economic trends is vital to thinking like a fashion designer.

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