Thanga Magan Movie Review

Cinesprint Thanga Magan Movie Review Thanga Magan Movie Review Finally, Thanga Magan Movie all set to go on 18 December, here is the Thanga Magan Tamil Movie Review by Cinesprint. The lead cast are Dhanush, Amy Jackson and Samantha And Directed by Velraj. get the first Thanga Magan Movie Review and Rating here Product #: 5018 3 stars, based on 1 reviews

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Thanga Magan Movie Review

Release Dt : Dec, 18 2015
  • Banner  :

    Wunderbar Films, Gopuram Films

  • Director  :


  • Producer  :

    Dhanush, G. N. Anbu Chezhiyan

  • Music  :

    Anirudh Ravichander

  • Cinema Rating  :

    333 3

  • Cinematography  :

    A. Kumaran

  • Editing by  :

    M. V. Rajesh Kumar

  • Starring  :

    Dhanush, Amy Jackson, Samantha

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Thanga Magan Story

Thanga Magan is about Thamiz (Dhanush) who is a fun going middle class guy. He falls in love with Sandy (Amy Jackson) and he ends up impressing her. After spending some quality time with her, he reveals about his love story to his parents (KS Ravikumar and Radhika Sarath Kumar) who rejects Sandy as she hails from a different community. Instead they get him married to Yamuna (Samantha) who comes from a simple and traditional family. The rest of the movie is how Thamiz transforms into a responsible man forgetting the bitter truths of Sandy. Watch Thanga Magan to know about the rest.

Thanga Magan Analysis :

Thanga Magan Movie Review

The first half of Thanga Magan has been high on entertainment and love making scenes. The songs of the movie and the narration about the characters have been taken huge care of. The twist arises at the right time which brings a huge shock among the audience. On the whole the complete first half of Thanga Magan has been quite gripping and entertaining.

The second half of Thanga Magan is completely a different story. The movie becomes quite serious throughout the film and the levels of entertainment come down completely. The pre climax and the climax episodes have been equally gripping which ends the movie on a decent note.

Thanga Magan Performance :

Dhanush comes up with his career’s best performance in Thanga Magan and the movie is a treat for his fans. He balanced his character which had two completely different shades. Amy Jackson has been energetic and glamorous throughout the first half. She has been dominating in some of the episodes. Samantha has done a never seen role in her career in which she has been traditional, calm and simple. All the other actors have done their assigned jobs well.

The story of the movie has enough depth to come up with a decent film. The screenplay and the dialogues of the movie have been extremely worked well. The music and the cinematography are the major highlights of the movie. Thanga Magan has a grand production values and director Velraj is back once again with an impressive film though it has some flaws in the second half.


Final Word:


Thanga Magan is a movie that has enough content to entertain the audience. Dhanush, Amy and Samantha tops the show.

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Thanga Magan Movie Review