Shivaay Movie Review

Cinesprint Shivaay Movie Review Shivaay Movie Review Get The Complete Details of Shivaay Hindi Movie Review. The Latest Hindi Movie Shivaay featuring Ajay Devgan, Sayesha Saigal and Erika Kaar directed by Ajay Devgan. For More Details Visit Product #: 6392 2.5 stars, based on 1 reviews

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Shivaay Movie Review

Release Dt : Oct, 28 2016
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    Ajay Devgn FFilms, Pen India Limited

  • Director  :

    Ajay Devgan

  • Producer  :

    Ajay Devgan

  • Music  :


  • Cinema Rating  :

    2.52.5 2.5

  • Cinematography  :

    Aseem Bajaj

  • Editing by  :

    Dharmendra Sharma

  • Starring  :

    Ajay Devgan, Sayesha Saigal, Erika Kaar

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Shivaay Story


Shivaay is the story of a dare devil mountaineer Shivaay (Ajay Devgn) and during a trek, Shivaay falls in love with a Bulgarian tourist Olga (Erika Kaar) after which the duo turn intimate. The result is a baby which Olga refuses to raise and returns back to Bulgaria. Shivaay names the child Guara (Abigail Eames) and after nine years, she comes to know that her mom is alive. Shivaay and Gaura flies to Bulgaria after which the real danger knocks them. The rest of Shivaay is all about how they fight against and locate Olga. Watch the film to know about the rest.

Shivaay Analysis :

Shivaay Movie Review

The first half of Shivaay has been dead slow and it tests the patience of the audience completely. The slow pace kills the film’s flavour despite of the grand visuals throughout. The film has been shot in beautiful locales and is made on a lavish budget. However the emotional drama has been quite poor and some of the episodes look completely unusual. On the whole with an interesting interval bang, the first half of Shivaay has its moments but it is a disappointment for sure.

The second half of the movie has enough dose of action episodes and VFX effects which have been perfectly blended on screen. However the movie lacks the needed soul for the audience to get emotionally connected. This kills the complete flavour of the film and most of the episodes have been dragged much. The climax looks too lengthy and without many interesting episodes, the second half of Shivaay is strictly for Ajay Devgn’s fans.

Shivaay Performance :


Ajay Devgn drags out his best as Shivaay and he has been stupendous on screen. Thoroughly energetic he strikes a chord with his performance in the film. Erika Kaar has been apt for her role as a Bulgarian and she has been impressive all over. Sayesha Saigal has been smart and decent in her role. Abigail Eames has been decent in her role and carried her role with ease. Vir Das has been wasted and Girish Karnad’s role has been completely old fashioned. All the other actors delivered out their best for the film.

The story of the film lacked enough depth though it has been interesting. The screenplay and the dialogues lacked emotional feel and flavour. The cinematography made the film vast and lavish throughout. The music and the background score have been apt completely. The production values looked lavish and Ajay Devgn fails to strike the emotional chord as a director.

Final Word:


Ajay Devgn focuses much on action and lavish visuals leaving behind the emotional drama which has been crucial. Shivaay is strictly for Ajay Devgn’s fans and the film leaves you low.

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Shivaay Movie Review