Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein Movie Review

Cinesprint Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein Movie Review Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein Movie Review Discover latest block buster entertaining Naseeruddin Shah Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein movie review with highlights at Get cast and crew analysis releases 06 November Product #: 4830 1.5 stars, based on 1 reviews

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Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein Movie Review

Release Dt : Nov, 06 2015
  • Banner  :

    Picture Thoughts Production

  • Director  :

    Manish Srivastav

  • Producer  :

    Karan Arora

  • Music  :

    Rohit Kulkarni, Harry Anand

  • Cinema Rating  :

    1.5 1.5

  • Cinematography  :

    S V Visheshwar

  • Editing by  :

    Archit D Rastogi, Ashmith Kunder

  • Starring  :

    Naseeruddin Shah, Anand Tiwari, Manasi Rachh

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Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein Story

Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein is the story of the investigation of a true murder case of Vijay Palande and Simraan Sood where they are accused in a murder case ok Karan Kumar Kakkar who is 28 years old. The complete story revolves around hit and run case. A human being can only act according to the ability to judge, what is true. The movie story runs behind the perception of truth in the case. How the murder mystery found a solution and what are the steps taken to find it, forms the plot of the film.

Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein Analysis :

Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein Movie Review

Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein is a mix of drugs, cops, gangsters, youngsters, with which a powerful entertainer can be made out. But the poor narration levels completely dip the movie in the several parts.  

Though the story revolves around hunting a murder mystery, the unrealistic acting of the youngsters, makes the audience lack the interest. A bunch of young people (Tiwari, Sial, Rachh, Arora and co.) completely spoils the mood of the movie. Even though you are aware that, the time is passing away and nearing the climax, you would surprisingly still wander about what few scenes are dealing about. On the whole, ‘Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein’ is a complete disaster.

Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein Performance :

Nazeeruddin Shah is the only bearable character in the film, in which we can experience the thing called ‘acting’. Rest others, especially young boys and girls, on whom the film is supposed to be carried on, did not give the markable performance, which is one of the biggest point that totally does the movie a scrap.   

The narration levels are very poor. For a subject like murder mystery, editing plays a major role. A perfect blending of the flashback and the present scenes would be interesting to watch. But Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein even lacks in that part. The production values are up to the mark.

Screenplay and dialogues could have been better. Background score by Manish J. Tipu suits the scenes, but as the intensity lacks in those scenes, even his music appear to be a flaw. Finally, Manish Srivastav could not live up to the expectations of the thriller lovers.


Final Word:


Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein is a meaningless film and it can be completely ignored.


Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein Movie Review