First female Saudi filmmaker in Bollywood!

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First female Saudi filmmaker in Bollywood!

Posted: 07/20/2013 12:36 PM IST
First female Saudi filmmaker in Bollywood!

(Image source from: First female Saudi filmmaker comes to Bollywood!})

The Mumbai-based film production centre brought into prominence that media figure Sameera Aziz is steady to become the first female Saudi filmmaker in Bollywood. Saudi news site Sabq reported on Sunday that the journalist has written the scenario of the movie, “Reem” which is the story of a Saudi girl looking for her mother, an Indian woman. Reem’s mother reruns to India furthering with her divorce from the Saudi father when their daughter was eight months old. The father was known to have re-married at the same time Reem was brought up with the children of her stepmother. Subsequently discovering later in time than some years that her mother was an Indian woman who was living in India, Reem travelled to Mumbai looking for her. Reem met an Indian young man who helped with her search for her mother. The two young people fell in love as well as got married.

Sabq quotes her as saying while Sameera expressed that the movie included several “exciting” events as well as humour. It also sends a message to the international community that Saudis are peace-loving at the same time tolerant people as well that the stereotype claiming Saudi men are cruel is not true. Shooting of the semi-romantic entertaining film will be in the Red Sea resort of Jeddah as well as in India. According to her online biography, Sameera, 34 on Monday, was born in Al Khobar, one of the largest cities in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Sameera was also known to have gained acclaim for her work with newspapers at the same time for her vigorous action on international, social, expatriate, animal as well as women's issues.

That's a real cinematic excellence!

Image Source: Sameera Aziz

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