Bahubali's warrior needs to cool down

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Bahubali's warrior needs to cool down

Posted: 09/18/2013 05:30 AM IST
Bahubali's warrior needs to cool down

Prabhas is giving goosebumps to anyone who sees him. Those on the sets of Bahubali are finding it hard to cool the actor down after his intense scenes, as all the fighting has made him too hot to handle.

When Prabhas did not turn up at Satya 2 audio function, Ram Gopal Varma was visibly irked. Story goes that he wanted Prabhas's starry presence at the launch, nevermind that the event wasn't a success for other reasons. Going by rumors from Bahubali sets, RGV was better off without the actor's attendance.

It is heard that Prabhas has taken his role quite seriously and completely got under the character's skin, including the look. The beard and appearance he sports for Bahubali is not for every ones eyes before the film releases, as Rajamouli had strictly ordered his team to refrain from any public appearances.

The director probably felt others need not be subjected to the fright that the other cast members are feeling, as Prabhas not only looks big, but angry too. Many are just staying clear of the actor until he returns to his warm self again.

AW: Sruthi

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