Bhaagamathie Movie Review, Rating, Story

Cinesprint Bhaagamathie Movie Review, Rating, Story Bhaagamathie Movie Review, Rating, Story Bhaagamathie Telugu Movie Review and Rating, live updates of Bhaagamathie. The Latest Telugu Movie Bhaagamathie featuring Anushka Shetty, Unni Mukundan, Jayaram and Asha Sarath Product #: 7805 2.75 stars, based on 1 reviews

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Bhaagamathie Movie

Release Dt : Jan, 26 2018
  • Banner  :

    UV Creations, Studio Green

  • Director  :

    G. Ashok

  • Producer  :

    V. Vamsi Krishna Reddy, Pramod, K. E. Gnanavel Raja

  • Music  :

    S. Thaman

  • Cinema Rating  :

    2.752.75 2.75

  • Cinematography  :

    R. Madhi, Sushil choudhary

  • Editing by  :

    Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

  • Starring  :

    Anushka Shetty, Unni Mukundan, Jayaram, Asha Sarath

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Bhaagamathie Story


Bhaagamathie is the story of Chanchala IAS (Anushka), a honest officer by profession. She gets appointed as the Personal Secretary to minister Eshwar Prasad (Jayaram) and in a shocking move, she gets trapped by CBI for an investigation. She gets investigated in Bhaagamathie bungalow secretly and things change completely as Chanchala turns into Bhaagamathie. The rest of the film is all about the hidden story behind the life of Chanchala. Watch Bhaagamathie to know about the complete story.

Bhaagamathie Analysis :

Bhaagamathie Movie Review, Rating, Story

The first half of Bhaagamathie has been decent and it has a series of horrifying episodes throughout. Anushka shines in the role which has two different layers. Though the film looks predictable, the narration makes the film look decent. The flashback episodes create lot of curiosity among the audience. The production values look grand and the entire first half of Bhaagamathie looks decent and impressive. The interval block has been outstanding and Anushka strikes hard with her performance.

The second half of Bhaagamathie takes a surprising turn as it offers nothing new and interesting. The routine political drama makes the film fall flat and the predictable narration dips down the film. The film turns interesting during the pre-climax episodes but most of the much needed logics have been left aside. The climax looks simple and makes no impact. The last twenty minutes of the film is a huge let down which makes the second half fall short of the expectations.

Bhaagamathie Performance :


Anushka as predicted tops the show with her acting skills. She has been outstanding as Chanchala and Bhaagamathie. The actress shined with perfection throughout the film. Jayaram makes a huge impact with his performance and his presence has been stunning. Unni Mukundan looks decent and apt in the assigned role. Asha Sharat has been fearless and Murali Sharma delivered out his best. All the other actors delivered out their best.

The story of Bhaagamathie has been completely predictable except some interesting twirls in the second half. The screenplay looks lose and make no impact. The dialogues have been decent and the background score has been decent. The cinematography work of Bhaagamathie is an asset and elevates the film well, especially in the horror episodes. The production values have been lavish enough and G Ashok has been decent with his abilities.


Final Word:



Bhaagamathie has a decent first half, but the predictable and deviated second half makes the film dip down completely. Anushka shines as Chanchala, Bhaagamathie and is the film’s major highlight.

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Bhaagamathie Movie Review, Rating, Story