Nagabharanam Movie Review

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Nagabharanam Movie Review

Release Dt : Oct, 14 2016
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    Inbox Pictures pvt ltd, Blockbuster Studios, Pen Movies

  • Director  :

    Kodi Ramakrishna, Rohith Kannan

  • Producer  :

    Sajid Qureshi, Sohail, Rohith

  • Music  :


  • Cinema Rating  :

    22 2

  • Cinematography  :


  • Editing by  :

    Jony Harsha

  • Starring  :

    Vishnuvardhan, Ramya, Rajesh Vivek

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Nagabharanam Story


Nagabharanam starts on a solar eclipse day on which the powers of God will not work. Shakti Kavacham is the only power that saves the world on that day. Sivayya (Sai Kumar) takes care of the valuable Shakti Kavacham for decades however Nagamma (Ramya) loses the kavacham during her fight with the evil. It is during this time, Nagamma takes a re-birth as Manasa and the rest of the film is all about how she gains back Shakti Kavacham. Watch Nagabharanam to know about the film.

Nagabharanam Analysis :

Nagabharanam Movie Review

The first half of Nagabharanam has nothing much to impress the audience. The entire film has been loosely executed and Nagabharanam has been banked mostly on VFX rather than the story line which is the major drawback. The songs of the film have not been shot well and the graphics have been decent. The entire first half is a huge misfire and it lacks interesting narration.

The second half of the film too carries the same pace and after such a drastic first half, the second half fails to make much impact on the audience. The songs of the movie too have been waste of time and the pre-climax episodes fail to make much impact on the audience. The climax has been simple and predictable which kills the complete movie. On the whole, Nagabharanam is a waste of time completely and can be ignored.

Nagabharanam Performance :


Ramya plays the lead role and she excelled completely in the assigned role. Her expressions have been top notch and are the major highlights of the film. Sai Kumar has been stupendous in the assigned limited role and his performance will impress to the core. Vishnu Vardhan’s glimpses will sure impress the audience. All the other actors have been decent with their assignments.

Nagabharanam lacks an interesting plot and narration. The screenplay and the dialogues are the major drawbacks of the movie. The music has been below average and the background score has been loud enough that it irritates the audience. The cinematography has been decent and the VFX effects have been the major assets. The production values have been lavish and Kodi Ramakrishna’ outdated direction kills the film completely.

Final Word:


Nagabharanam is a film that can be given a huge skip as the film lacks interesting plot and engaging narration.


Nagabharanam Movie Review