Venky to work with Priyadarshan

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Venky to work with Priyadarshan

Posted: 05/18/2017 11:55 AM IST
Venky to work with Priyadarshan

Victory Venkatesh is not in a mood to hurry and the actor turned quite choosy. However all his recent outings Drushyam, Gopala Gopala, Babu Bangaram and Guru ended up as money spinners at the box-office. The actor impressed the audience big time with his ruggish performance in the movie Guru which has been directed by Sudha Kongara. The actor has been listening to scripts and is yet to sign his next movie. He rejected several scripts narrated by top directors and Venky seems to be in no mood to compromise.


As per the latest news, Venkatesh happened to meet Malayalam director Priyadarshan and discussed the possibilities of working together for a project. Venky even appreciated Priyadarshan’s latest movie Oppam starring Mohanlal. Venkatesh is keen on working with the talented filmmaker and asked him to pen an interesting script. Priyadarshan directed Nagarjuna’s Nirnayam and Balakrishna’s Gandeevam after which he never directed a Telugu movie. Known for remaking films in bollywood, Priyadarshan is currently penning a script for Venkatesh.

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