Bhale Manchi Roju Team Thanks Mahesh and Prabhas

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Bhale Manchi Roju Team Thanks Mahesh and Prabhas

Posted: 12/24/2015 07:48 AM IST
Bhale Manchi Roju Team Thanks Mahesh and Prabhas

Right from the Teaser launch, Audio Launch and the trailer Bhale Manchi Roju has been getting an amazing response and positive vibes all over. So the team have come forward to thank everyone for supporting them and taking the film to a new level all together.

Super star Mahesh Babu, kick started the whole festive atmosphere with his presence and a wonderful speech on the Audio launch, saying that he personally loved the trailer of film and felt that the energy of the young team was amazing. He also shared his thoughts on the social media. From here it was Super star Mahesh Fans who showed all the love and support to take the trailer all over the social media and make it the BEST TRAILER OF THE RECENT TIMES.

And it was a wonderful gesture and a great support from Darling Prabhas, who has been following with us and supporting us at every step of this film.

Not only sharing the trailers and teasers on social media, he personally took time to have a candid chat with the entire team of Bhale Manchi Roju. From a star of his stature , this was something lovely and has added a great confidence and energy to the entire team .Getting closer to the release Rebel star Prabhas fans and Super star Mahesh Babu fans , have become our biggest support and strength in all the areas , by extensively promoting our film in every possible way .

A Big thanks to all the wonderful fans of Mahesh and Prabhas, for making Bhale Manchi Roju, the biggest and the most celebrated release for Sudheer ever.

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