Run Raja Run goes to Tamil

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Run Raja Run goes to Tamil

Posted: 09/04/2014 10:08 AM IST
Run Raja Run goes to Tamil

Talented actor Sharwanand has tasted his first commercial success with the film Run Raja Run. Now the makers of this film are planning to dub and release the film in Tamil. UV Creations who made a blockbuster like Mirchi produced Run Raja Run. Earlier Sharwanand revealed that while shooting itself, the makers had taken precautions to ensure their film suits Tamil nativity as well. As Sarwanand is a known face in Tamil, the makers have decided to dub this film in Tamil. 


Run Raja Run has been directed by debundant Sujeeth. The film looks fresh and entertaining and the music by Gibran has been fabulous. Photography by Madhee has been an asset for Run Raja Run. The production values of UV Creations should be mentioned specially. Sharwanand is a known face in Tamil and he has a good market over there. The makers are planning to release the film in October. Hope Sharwa scores a hit with Run Raja Run in Tamil as well.


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