Travel smart! Enjoy Journey!

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Travel smart! Enjoy Journey!

Posted: 05/11/2016 03:12 PM IST
Travel smart! Enjoy Journey!

Smart travel is essential to make your journey comfortable as well as memorable. You should know how to travel smart for whatever be the  type of trip you are on. The basic mantra is light packing. Choose your luggage wisely, pick as per your needs. Follow tricks to minimize space in your bags. The main trick lies in making best use of the resources available.

Save space: Roll clothes are place inside your suitcase to maximize space. Try to stuff tiny items like moisturizers, sunglasses  in shoe spaces. Loose wires like earphones, chargers and so on can be kept intact in a sunglass case.

Pack clothes Inside-Out: Packing clothes inside out will help you protect your clothes from turning dirty or getting strained or catching wrinkles. Place two layers of dryer sheets on the top and bottom of your suitcase to maintain your clothes fresh.

Use  transparent zip-lock bags: Transparent zip-lock bags can be used to pack toiletries for easy identification besides avoiding leakages. Carrying extra plastic bags or totes helps in keeping laundry or used clothes to a side.

Cover shoes in shower caps: Your shoes should not spoil your clothes, so pack them in shoe bags or shower caps. This will keep things clean inside, do not add much to the luggage weight.

Put heaviest items near to the wheels: Apply basic physics while packing. That is maintaining balanced weight distribution and placing heaviest items closest to the wheels.

- Sumana

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