Reasons for feeling tired all day

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Reasons for feeling tired all day

Posted: 04/27/2016 01:41 PM IST
Reasons for feeling tired all day

If you are feeling sluggish all the time, few factors could be the possible reasons, apart from the sleep hours. These habits are draining your energy and making you feel worn out.

Have enough water and iron

Not drinking enough water is one reason. Research show that dehydration makes you feel tired, as it leads to reduced blood volume. Thus, the speed at which essential nutrients and oxygen flow,  slows down and get reduced. Iron deficiency is one more reason. It also makes you irritable. Less iron means, less oxygen travel to cells and muscles.

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Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast is essential to kick start metabolism. Skipping breakfast is a very bad idea. Perfect breakfast is a combination of proteins, good fat and carbohydrates. Good workout makes miracles. Happy hormones are released by a good workout. They make you feel happy and energetic to face the day.

Stress is silent killer

If you are spending too many hours at work and are ignoring all other aspects of your life, then you certainly are in some trouble. Stress is a silent killer. So do not stress out too much! Set goals that are realistic and which do not take toll on health.

Addiction to alcohol, technology

Drinking before bed is not a good idea either. This would certainly interfere with sleep routine and awakes you in the nights. Addiction to technology is a contributor. Too much time spent on emails or phones make you feel lethargic. Avoid too much caffeine and do not allow it to disrupt sleeping time.

- Sumana

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