Physical fitness in men linked to intelligence

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Physical fitness in men linked to intelligence

Posted: 08/18/2015 07:46 PM IST
Physical fitness in men linked to intelligence

(Image source from: Physical fitness in men linked to intelligence)

A new study revealed link between male intelligence in early adulthood and their subsequent midlife physical performance.

“Our study clearly shows that the higher intelligence score in early adulthood, the stronger the participants’ back, legs and hands are in midlife. Their balance is also better,” said PhD student Rikke Hodal Meincke from the centre for healthy aging and the department of public health.

The study was carried on a group of 2,848 Danish men born in 1953 or 1959-61. With a 10-point increase in intelligence score, the results revealed a 0,5 kg increase in lower back force, one cm increase in jumping height, an expression of leg muscle power, 0.7 kg increase in hand-grip strength, 3.7 percent improved balance and 1.1 more chair-rises in 30 seconds.

"Former studies have taught us that the better the results of these midlife tests, the greater the chance of avoiding a decrease in physical performance in old age," said Rikke Hodal Meincke, a PhD student at the centre.

The study, published in the Journal of Aging and Health.  

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