5 things to know before dating women

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5 things to know before dating women

Posted: 06/17/2015 05:09 PM IST
5 things to know before dating women

Are you planning to go for a date? Do remember to avoid these things with your girl on the first day of your meet.

Turn off to speak about personal things:

Will you work after marriage?' 'How many boyfriends have you had?' 'What's your CTC?' These are relationship questions that a couple arrives at gradually. If you're a single guy just looking to date a girl and explore the possibility of having a relationship, there's a lot more to talk to her about. Asking such personal questions upfront during the first few dates is almost always going to backfire and is a giant turn off.


Guys tend to assume certain things about a girl without any basis whatsoever. It's hugely disappointing for a girl, if you assume some things without knowing her wish. This will definitely impact on your behaviour. So, try not to judge few things in front of her.

No touching and sex talk:

As it is your first meeting, don’t try to sit or stand too close to her. Even if it's harmless and is simply meant to express affection, it can be completely misinterpreted by a girl. So wait for some reciprocation boys.

Avoid sharing your desire for marriage and children:

A girl definitely doesn't want to think or talk about marriage any more than a guy does. If you talk about it on a first date, chances are you're going to frighten the girl straight away. That might be because the girl will feel objectified and feel like you see her less as a human being with hopes and dreams of her own and more as a breeding machine. So, reserve this point and share with her later.

Avoid silence:

On your first meet if you run out of the obvious things to talk about, you need to work your way out of it. Pick up on anything interesting and take the conversation forward. Otherwise the silence may make you feel that you are boring for her.

By Lizitha

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