How to eat healthy on a budget?

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How to eat healthy on a budget?

Posted: 06/15/2015 05:22 PM IST
How to eat healthy on a budget?

If you have tight budget, don’t worry, here are five smart tips to help you out in choosing healthy food with low budget.
Prefer more vegetarian food: Eating healthy on a budget means you will begin eatsing more home cooked meals. As meat is expensive, prefer to eat healthy vegetarian food. So, you can easily attain daily amount of required of protein.

Stock up when there are sales: When organic products go on sale, be sure to stock up. When we buy items on sale, we instantly cut down on the grocery store bill.  Eating healthy on a budget means we look for and take advantage of the sales that happen weekly.

Start a small garden: If you have yard for garden, start producing large amount of food. So, you can save large amount of money. If you do not have a yard for a garden, consider growing a tomato plant near a kitchen window or plant a herb garden that will flourish in the windowsill.

Shop locally at farmers markets: Prefer to shop at local farmers markets. You will get fresh foods at cheaper rates.

Don’t shop when you are hungry: When we are hungry and go shopping, we often buy items we otherwise would not choose.  Everything looks good so everything ends up in the cart, which can be costly.

By Lizitha

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