Ways to get rid of dandruff

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Ways to get rid of dandruff

Posted: 07/25/2015 03:23 PM IST
Ways to get rid of dandruff

Here are some home remedies to get rid of dandruff during the monsoon season. Follow them and have dandruff free and beautiful hair.

Lack of sunlight in monsoon season is one of the reasons for causing dandruff. So, expose your hair to sunlight as it helps dry up some of the excess oil and also avoids dandruff.

Always keep the scalp dry. If your hair gets wet in the rain, make sure you wash it thoroughly with a mild cleanser and use a conditioner thereafter.

Dandruff is caused by overgrowth of fungus. The acidity in pure freshly squeezed lemon juice contains acids that can help break down the fungus. So, apply a mixture containing 2 tablespoons of lemon with 1 cup of water. Repeat daily until no longer needed.

Natural products such as baking soda can help you achieve an itch-free scalp. Mix one cup of baking soda with 1 cup of water and to it add few drops of rosemary oil. Apply it to your scalp and wash your hair after some time.

Recognise your severity. If you are suffering more than moderate flaking and itching, be sure to find the right product. There are products that include intensive solutions targeted at severe dandruff sufferers. Do visit a dermatologist if the problem persists.

If you have sticky hair, just opt for a light conditioner that is suited for limp and oily hair.

Prefer a diet which is low in sugar and high in antioxidants. This helps in reducing the inflammation and controls dandruff too.

By Lizitha

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