‘Thalaiva’ pure fiction, claims director

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‘Thalaiva’ pure fiction, claims director

Posted: 08/28/2013 05:30 AM IST
‘Thalaiva’ pure fiction, claims director

Director of the recently released Tamil film ‘Thailaivaa’, A.L. Vijay, has denied that the movie was based on the life of anyone.

He informed this in the II assistant city civil court in Chennai on Tuesday.

In his counter-affidavit, director Vijay stated that the film story, screenplay and dialogue of the Vijaystarrer were formulated purely as an imaginary fiction and personal life of any person was not portrayed in the movie.

On a petition from S.R.K. Karnan of Seethapararpanallur village, in Tirunelveli district, the court had ordered notice to film producer S. Chandraprakash Jain, S. Madan of Vendhar Movies, A.L. Vijay, and Gemini Colour Lab, Chennai, recently.

Karnan stated that the story of film was based on life of his grandfather S. S. Kandasamy Sait and his father S.K. Ramasamy alias S.K.R. who lived during the period of Vardarajan Mudaliar in the 1980s in Mumbai. The duo engaged in social activities in Dharavi, Mumbai. They did not indulge in any illegal activities as depicted in the film.

The film defames the family members. Hence, he prayed to the court to pass an interim injunction against releasing the film.

In the counter-affidavit, the director stated that the first-half of the movie revolves around incidents that take place in Australia and to the Mumbai sea shore.

He helps people and indulges in fights to protect people and women. He stated that the life of Karnan’s grandfather and father are different from that of the characters portrayed in the film. Hence, he prayed to the court to dismiss the petition.

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