8 Fascinating Facts About Women and Relationships

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8 Fascinating Facts About Women and Relationships

Posted: 11/30/2011 09:44 AM IST
8 Fascinating Facts About Women and Relationships

Want to know how you—and your likes, dislikes, goals, and secret thoughts—compare to other women? We got 13,000 of you to answer revealing questions about your relationships, work, Facebook behavior, money, and yes, of course your sex lives for the Great Female Survey 2011. It was our second year doing the Great Female Survey with our partners over at AskMen.com, who conducted the Great Male Survey. And now we’re sharing the juicy details (like how many of you have cheated and what percentage of you are faking your Os). Check out some of the most surprising results below. Then click over to AskMen.com to take a peek at the GMS results, and get some insight into the male mind. Because let’s be honest, that’s what you’re really dying to know anyway!

The jury is out for women when it comes to who pays on a date:
33% of you expect the guy to pay for most dates, but a significant number of you ( 38%) feel it should be 50-50—he should pay half of the time, and you'll pay half the time.

"The Rules, According to Facebook" aren't yet established:
38% of you are fine with your boyfriend/husband friending an ex on FB, but another 27% say it’s okay only if you've met the ex before. And 34% say it's not okay with you for your guy to friend an ex at all.

Online dating has lost its negative stigma:
31% of you have met a guy online and of those, 12% have gone on to have a relationship. And 22% of you say you definitely wouldn’t rule out the internet as a way of meeting guys.

Could it be the economy?
A sizable majority of you—73%—are perfectly comfortable if your guy makes less than you do. And 12% of respondents are already in a relationship where you make more money than your guy. But there are still the traditionalists: 25% of you feel that the ultimate status symbol is a successful husband or boyfriend. And "being dominated" ranks as your top sexual fantasy—35% say it’s the sexual act you most often fantasize about.

But you're getting a little sick of the Man-Child.
When you were asked what you’d change about your guy, 11% had issues with your guy’s laziness and lack of ambition.

And if you're making the money, he can pick up the slack...
53% of you would want your guy to take a male birth control pill if one existed. [And the good news is, researchers are currently testing a four-times-a-year birth control pill for guys that kills sperm before one reaches an egg. While we don't think it'll be in drugstores anytime soon, we'll keep you posted on the progress.]

You're forgiving of your honeys:
Only 20% of you would dump a boyfriend if he got fat, and only 18% of you want your guy's penis to be bigger.

But that doesn't mean your guys don't have to watch out.
26% of you have, at one time or another, fantasized about your boyfriend or husband's friends. As for full-on cheating, 12% of you would be tempted to cheat, as long as there was no way of your guy finding out. And many of you—13%—know someone who has actually set up a secret Facebook account to conceal a relationship from your S.O. Another 13% of you know someone who has used the internet to cheat, through a service such as AshleyMadison.com.

And that's not all you lie about:
35% of you have lied about the number of sex partners you've had, and 54% of you have faked an O. But 85% of you would be offended if your guy faked an orgasm with you—we think that’s known as a double standard, ladies!

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